Why You March

Why You March

As the new Donald Trump administration transitions into the executive branch, women across the world are reacting.

As we were reminded of during the campaign, and after the election, women's opinions are diverse. This weekend, some will be marching in Washington and in sister marches around the world. Others will be watching the inauguration.

One thing this election cycle reaffirmed: Women's voices need to be heard, loud and often.

Here are some messages from women for the incoming administration, including reasons they will march.

Women's rights, human rights, and equal rights matter. I believe the right direction for our country is to progress forward towards furthering equality and respect for all living things. I do not want us to stumble backwards in a vain attempt to "Make America Great Again", which I fear takes us further from a feminist and collectivist world. I will not sit silently as this non-feminist man, who built his campaign on racism, sexism, fear, and hate, moves into power. I want him to know there are people in this country who are not scared of him, and who are willing to stand up for what's right.

-- Molly (30, Georgia)

I march because our government needs to listen to the people of this country, instead of their own prejudice, bigotry, and fear.

-- Sarah (30, LA)

I march because evil triumphs when good (wo)men do nothing, and while the march itself is only the beginning, I want to be able to look future generations in the eye and say that I did not stay silent in the face of injustice.

-- Erin (30, Seattle)

I will proudly be attending the swearing in and observing the parade. I will be praying for president Trump and the country as I have been for the past year. I hope and pray that we as a nation can come together to do great things here and In America and around the world.

-- Marcine

I march in love and not fear. I believe my saviour Jesus Christ calls me to fight for justice and to treat every human being with dignity and respect

-- Katie (29, Alberta)

I am marching because I believe in the power and beauty of women, immigrants, African Americans, big families, small families, blended families, LGBT families, military families, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, atheists, agnostics, girls, boys, and men, and every other group or individual that through providence, luck, or circumstance has ended up in this country. I am marching because I believe the American story, who we are really, is about connection, compassion, and generosity, and because I hope the marchers can teach the incoming administration a little about those things.

-- Jenni (29, Brooklyn)

I am marching to show the administration that women matter!

-- Tracy (50 and 12, Copley, Ohio)

I march for intersectionality. I want to support women of color, poor women, trans women, gay and queer women, women with disabilities, and all women's demands that their rights be respected. I want to use my white cis hetero able body to do that.

-- Megan (30, Washington DC)

I'm walking for women, children, men of all races, all gender identities, all spiritualities,
I'm walking for diversity and inclusion,
I'm walking for our country,
I'm walking for the world,
I'm walking for truth,
I'm walking for transparency,
I'm walking for and in love.

--Cheryl (56, Pismo Beach, California)

We have to do the work ourselves -- it is clear that our representatives will not fight for women's rights for us.

-- Ellen

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