Ted Talk: “Why Gender Equality is Good For Everyone, Men Included”Yes, we all know it’s the right thing to do. But Michael Kimmel makes the surprising, funny, practical case for treating men and women equally in the workplace and at home. It’s not a zero-sum game, but a win-win that will result in more opportunity and more happiness for everybody. The author of “Angry White Men,” Michael Kimmel is a pre-eminent scholar of men and masculinity. — Sabrina Sullivan

Ted Talk: “Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From, Ask Where I’m Local”Growing up outside the country on my passport, not quite sure how to answer that so frequently asked question, this video brought up some interesting ideas for responses — Jilly Badanes

Ted Talk: “How To Fix A Broken School? Lead Fearlessly, Love Hard”I had the chance to go to TEDWomen earlier this year, and I would love to include every talk that I saw (including Sabrina’s recommendation from a couple weeks ago)!!! The one that left me tingling inspiration was this story from Linda Cliatt-Wayman and her work in turning around Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia. — Marianna Kerpolla

<a href=">Frankie and Grace — A Netlix series that shows the power of female friendships in our later years.


Narcos on Netflix

BBC’s #100WomenBBC hosted a worldwide conversation about women by women. Hearing women all over the world discuss finding their own voice, dealing with workplace bias, and balancing power in relationships reaffirmed that women have similar experiences all over the world. This clip shows some highlights from the conversation, including women in Sierra Leone singing a song about gender equality. — Jilly Badanes

Younger with Hillary Duff and Sutton FosterA commentary on ageism in the workplace. — Jenna Fields

<a href=">Inside Out — watched it again and cried again!! — Molly Reifield

What Happened, Miss Simone? on Netflix. -- There's not a person alive who won't feel shaken and moved after watching the clips of Nina Simone's live performances. - Bridget Geraghty

Fuller HouseI can’t get enough of this. - Steffi Badanes