Research shows that many of the most pervasive gender biases in our culture are rooted in the stories we tell, and don't tell.

Girls grow up wanting to be princesses and not scientists, becuase of the stories they hear. Promotions and salary raises go to men more often then women because of the collective narratives around gender and work. To make things worse, women are less likely than men to tell their own stories. It's time for a change.

You have a story to tell and the world needs to hear it. Writing on Milk is your opportunity to explore your own perspective and share your voice with the world.

Milk is your place for women to speak about the way they experience the world, what it means to be a woman today, or what experiences and people have affected your journey. It's also a new lens on the world. On Milk, women are reacting to the actions or opinions of others, and also proposing new ways to do things.

Women have everything they need to get things done. It's time for the world to listen.

Fill out the form below to tell us about your post proposal. Write about an experience you had, your reaction to an article on Milk or another publication, your proposal for a better way to do something, or interview a woman you admire.

If you are not quite sure what to write about but know you want to contribute, then let us know. We offer 1 hour free consultations to help you uncover and prepare your story. In your session you will be guided through a process to find your stories and prepare your narrative that can be published on Milk.

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