About Milk

About Milk

We are grateful for our foremothers, and in awe of the ceiling breakers.

We don’t dream of female bosses, CEOs, and presidents. We expect them.

But we want more. We aren’t just working towards parity — equal pay and equal acknowledgement of achievement.

We want more. We want to build something new. We want freedom to be ourselves, to develop ourselves, and to get things done, ourselves.

And don’t you dare ask us about work life balance.

What Is Milk?

Milk is a space for women to explore their authentic perspectives and celebrate their natural power.

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Team Milk

We're a group of friends, social activists, business strategists, and writers out to create a better way to have the discussions and idea sharing we seek from each other every day. If you'd like to get in touch with Milk, reach out individually or email jilly@readmilk.co.

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